10 Key Points of Eddie Chu Hoi-dick’s Electoral Platform


1. Reclaim Our Livelihood – Restore hawker licensing system and organise residents-run bazaars to break The Link’s monopoly

2. Reduce MTR Fare – Flat rate across all MTR lines, immediate fare reduction for West Rail and Tung Chung Lines, buy back MTRC in the medium-term, focus on local transportation business

3. Diversified Housing – Levy vacant property tax, substantially reduce land sale for private housing, build different types of affordable housing

4. Diversify the development of industries – Encourage social innovation, community-based industry, green economy, shared economy

5. Enjoyable Learning – Cancel TSA, implement small-class teaching instead of closing down schools, reform UGC and increase aided university places

6. Fair Way of Life – Make laws for standard working hours, universal retirement protection, increase budget for public medical services, reform drug formulary

7. Democracy for Rural Areas – Reform Heung Yee Kuk to become more transparent, fully democratic and accountable

8. Animal Welfare – Ban commercial trading of pets, implement “trap-neuter-return”, heavier penalty for cruelty to animals

9. Rural-urban Co-existence – Stop “white elephant” infrastructures, save public money and rely less on land sale, revitalise local agriculture, increase self-sufficiency of food and water, conserve rural environment

10. Environmental Justice – Amend the Waste Disposal Ordinance and fully reform the town planning system, eradicate illegal dumping and electronic waste recycling yards

*Set Sailing Towards Democratic Self-determination Manifesto of Running:Legislative Council Election, New Territories West Constituency > http://goo.gl/3XhmMj



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