Set Sailing Towards Democratic Self-determination:Manifesto of Running Legislative Council Election, NTW Constituency

I am Eddie Chu Hoi-dick from Pat Heung, Yuen Long. I now announce that I will be running for Legislative Council from the constituency of New Territories West.
Some of you may not have heard of me before but you may have heard of the social movements that I initiated or participated in the past 10 years, which include campaign to protect Star Ferry Pier and Queen’s Pier, movement advocating for genuine free access to public spaces such as Times Square, fight against the overspending High Speed Railway Project, activities questioning the new town development of the North East NT, lobbying to curb illegal dumping in the countryside, and organizing residents’ market in public housing estates to shatter the monopoly of Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link REIT).
A decade ago, I was an international desk journalist, covering the Middle East news. In those days, the Middle East was in chaos but Hong Kong was not in good shape too – hope for a democratic political system was in vain, monopoly by the upper crust was stifling, to an extent that every aspect of our daily life was affected. I love this city, I love the people and I feel responsible. Because I didn’t want Hong Kong to deteriorate and founder, I decided to hold out, like the tens of thousands of people with no political background or experience during the Umbrella Movement.
During the fight to preserve Queen’s Pier, in a debate with Carrie Lam, then Secretary for the Development Bureau, I said I have to keep this place for the next generation because I need to tell them a different story of Hong Kong – My Hong Kong is not a little fishing village turned financial centre which the laws of the jungle apply. My Hong Kong is a free city where people join force to retain our dignity, which is almost being stolen from the rich and the powerful.
To this day, these words are still driving me forward.
Over the years, most media call me as an “conservationist”. What I have been fighting for ultimately, however, is Democracy. The “Democracy” that I am talking about is not only about voting during election. Democracy here means people dare to join force and fight for their own destiny. When government officials, corporations, land owners, and the Chinese Communist Party force us to accept our “fate”, we should pluck up courage to say, “No matter in the context of city, countryside, community and public estates, the master should all be the people.”
After the Umbrella Movement, the democratic movement in HK is hitting rock bottom. On one hand, “pan-democrats” are touting their strategy of “forcing CY Leung to step down”. On the other hand, the “localists” advocate independence of the “Hong Kong naion”. In my campaign for Legco, I wish to raise an alternate option for the direction of Hong Kong’s democracy movement – “democratic self-determination”. People of Hong Kong need to develop a sense of self-determination and practice on political, social and economic front. This movement should unite people from different backgrounds, regardless they are working from within or outside the institution. And the ultimate goal is moving towards “democratic self-determination”, that Hong Kong people shall decide the future of Hong Kong.
My decade-long experiences have concluded that now is time to run for the Legislative Council seat, putting into practice Hong Kongers’ insistence and determination regarding our own fate. By the same token, this movement reflects the spirit of all those famers, public estate residents who refuse to have their ‘fate’ decided and dominated by the others.
Support Eddie Chu means that you believe in the notion of ‘United we can save our Hong Kong’. All I am asking is that you move a step forward and join this new democracy movement!


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