Electoral Platform: 10 Points to Note


  1. Regaining livelihood:
    Begin issuing hawkers’ license again, setting up community markets, breaking the monopoly of Link REIT.
  2. Reducing West Rail Line Traveling cost:
    Standardize fare charge according to travelling distance; the West Rail Line and Tung Chung line should reduce fares immediately. In the long run, the MTR should be government owned, focusing on maintaining local transportation services.
  3. Housing Diversity
    Idle housing should be taxed, and the amount of land sold by the government of private housing purposes should be reduced. Housing should be affordable and housing options should be diversified.
  4. Diversity In Industry
    Social Innovation, community industry, diverse green economy, collaborative consumption.
  5. Burden-free Learning
    Cease TSA, replace cutting schools with small class learning, universal tertiary education, increase subsidy for higher education.
  6. Fair Living
    Legislate for standard working hours, establish pension policies, increase funding for public medical services, revise the drug formulary.
  7. Democratic Rural Governance
    Reform the Heung Yee Kuk (the rural committee), publicize all information, democratically hold official accountable.
  8. Animal-Friendly
    Legislate to abolish pet trading, establish a ‘Trap, Neuter, Release’ system, punish animal cruelty.
  9. Rural-City Coexistence
    Cease white elephant projects, reduce reliance on land profits; re-establish the farming industry, maintain autonomy on food and water sources, preserve the rural area.
  10. Environmental Justice
    Revise the Waste Disposal Ordinance, comprehensively reform planning policies, eliminate illegal dumping and illegal electronic waste recycling.




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