Speech of Eddie Chu Hoi Dick under death threat

Speech of Eddie Chu Hoi Dick understand death threat
As the morning breaks on 5th September, when I am about to announce the win at the election, I already mentioned that I received news that somebody wishes to attack me and my team on the day before election and during my election campaign.
On 4th September, 2 cars followed me to my home in Yuen Long. After I was elected as a Legislative Councilor of New Territories West geographic constituency, the thread in the past two or three days has been worsened and reached a point my life and safety of my family are at stake.
As the threat is already very serious, I come to the police headquarters today to tell the police all that I know, from head to toe, including the exact messages and information. We would seek their assistance for measures to ensure the safety of me and my team.
From 4th September, I have always realised these threats. My family and I stopped sleeping at home. We could not even returned to our home. We still believe that Hong Kong is a place with freedom of speech, where we can express ourselves freely. But at this moment, a LegCo member-to-be of the NTW with 84121 votes is unable to return to his home due to death threats brought by his political views. We can say that there is no more rule of law. Every Hong Kong citizen would feel endangered and my voters would be angry too.
I am seeking advice from professional security company to see how could I protect myself and my family under possible conditions. Today we hope that police could investigate the series of happenings seriously and meticulously. Thus, I am unable to expose names and times to you all. But what I can say is that these threats are proximal and nearby, and the time is drawing near too.
We have already sent the press release to Commissioner of Police Lo Wai-chung Steven, Secretary of Security Lai Tung-kwok and Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying. As the people responsible for Hong Kong’s security, the three should be concerned about this issue.
At the same time, I would like to thank Nathan Law Kun-Chung, Lau Siu-lai, Leung Kwok-hung Paul Zimmerman. They support me whether they were elected or not. We all can see the spread of this violent political culture. Whoever that is standing up for it will have to face these issues. Thank you all my friends and everyone. I am not alone. I am surely not alone. I believe that Hong Kong is a place where we can differentiate right from wrong and we would not allow political violence. Next, I would tell police the details with the company of my lawyer.
Question from reporter: how imminent is the threat?
Chu: As I mentioned, the violence threat is already putting my life and safety of my family at stake. My solution is I would yell the police everything. When the police starts investigation, I would tell everyone the details at an appropriate time. To add, the threat was severely worsened after I was elected and it is already putting my life and safety of my family at stake.



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