【BBC World News Interview with Eddie Chu Hoi-dick】


Video: https://goo.gl/3aMKri
Letter to Home Secretary: https://goo.gl/Xckuly

Philippa Thomas: What do you trying to say to them?

Chu Hoi Dick: What I am trying to say… I want to put questions to them, in order to clarify what had happened between the Home Office and Andrew Leung. Because we have found information, and the internet saying that the normal days to process a renunciation request is around 40 days, but Andrew Leung did his application on 22nd September, so he got his renunciation ready in only 8 days. So the problem is why he was so confident that he can manage to do this. We are suspicious that, he was so confident because he got guarantee from the British government, or Beijing government that he could get a speed up process.

Philippa Thomas: So what do you think in sense about the UK-China relationship?

Chu Hoi Dick: Well, in sense that… after the Brexit, maybe the British government is more ready to have a closer relationship with China; and for Hong Kong, the election of this Legislative Council chairman, if he want some convenient treatment from the British government, it seems that the British government is ready to give that special treatment to China.

Philippa Thomas: Thinking about what is happening at home in Hong Kong, and the new Legislative Council, there are many new lawmakers like you who want things to change, but there has been quite a bit of chaos already chaos already even in taking the oaths?

Chu Hoi Dick: After the umbrella movement in 2014, many Hong Kong people, especially the young people in Hong Kong, they no longer want to follow strictly the Basic Law and all those political decisions of the NPC (National People’s Congress), about the political system of Hong Kong, so we want to determine our own future, and in this Legislative Council election, it is the first time in Hong Kong we feel that different ways about the future of Hong Kong, were represented to the Hong Kong people…

Philippa Thomas: And what is your aim? Is it to be more like Taiwan? Is it that what you would like to go?

Chu Hoi Dick: My aim was to gain back the right for self determination, that was seized from the Hong Kong people in early 1980s, before the Joint Declaration was signed between the British and Beijing government.

Philippa Thomas: Do you feel safe? As you go about making these demands?

Chu Hoi Dick: I think we need to do it in a non-violent way, and to have a popular support in Hong Kong society, then we can move step by step, and at the end I think after one or two terms of the election in Legislative Council, we can have a majority and at that time I don’t think China has the excuse to crack down us violently because we have the support of majority of Hong Kong people.
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